Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Deck and weather report

I managed to get a picture of Mother Robin sitting on the nest. I think they're getting used to me just lurking around, and as long as I don't get too close or make sudden moves, she doesn't fly away.

In other news, the leaves of the heliotrope are luxuriant. I think it was a good idea to scatter a lot of Sluggo around. In some years, these leaves just get chewed up like crazy. When I planted these, I pinched them back and now they have tiny buds for the sweet-smelling blooms heliotrope produce.

The portulaca, or moss rose, is getting a pretty bud--yellow with a stripe of red.

The red and purple calibrachoa are doing well.

Sadly, my sage looks like it may die. It was nearly dead early in the spring, and kind of leggy, so I bent it down to try to get it to take root along the length of the stem. It did, and for a while looked wonderful and thriving, but now it's wilting. Whatever is causing its malaise is simultaneously providing a wonderful environment for clover. I may have to pull up the sage and the clover together and put in a new sage.

The sun came out quite briefly and while it was there I took a picture of the yellow begonia reflected in the pond.

It's now the sixth day of June, and it has been pretty cool, cloudy, and sometimes rainy. I regret having to wear a sweater or jacket in June, but it's not that unusual for Northwest Washington.

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