Friday, July 10, 2009

Scenes from the deck, Part 4

Looking up, you can see the geraniums I planted for the top deck. Mom and Dad should have some flowers, too.

A tea rose on the table and two more pots of lavender (a different breed than the English and French, but more like the English) in front of the table. Sadly, today I discovered nasty bugs on the tea rose. Whenever I have roses, they always get infested.

Among the heliotrope lurks . . . another fleur de lis!

The celebration rose is reliable to just bloom and not make a fuss.

And I did find the perfect plant for this little terra cotta pot with the fleur de lis on it. I forget the plant's name, but it is a succulent, with the fat, water-filled leaves, and it has a pretty bloom. I bought it at Haggen, and I picked the biggest, healthiest one with a color flower I liked. Then as I was driving out of the parking lot I had to brake quickly, and the pot fell forward and half the plant broke off. Fortunately, it is recovering just fine.

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