Tuesday, April 7, 2015


I'm so glad that the mornings are starting to get lighter. It's about 7:00 a.m., and I've had the blinds open for a while already. During the winter, I can't do that because it's as dark as night outside. I mean, of course I could open the blinds, but all I'd see would be my reflection in the glass. Now I can see the yard and the bushes down by the creek.

The light helps me wake up in the first place. In the winter, I could sleep till who knows when, but now when I wake up a little, I see some light in the windows, and I know it's morning, not the middle of the night.

I have been buying plants and flowers. I need to start getting them into the ground and into pots.

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I have visited three nurseries so far this spring, the Garden Spot Nursery, My Garden Nursery (new--opening where Bakerview Nursery used to be), and Kent's Garden & Nursery. I still plan to go to Vander Giessen Nursery and Van Wingerden Greenhouses. I also have bought and will buy plants from out in front of grocery stores, drug stores, and hardware stores.

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