Sunday, February 1, 2015


You know, I just looked at that pattern again online, and it's supposed to be knit 4, purl 1. Oops.

Meanwhile, I'm awake in the middle of the night. I woke up to a continuous high-pitched noise. I have tinnitus, so at my first groggy wakening I thought it was that. But it was louder than that. I wondered if it was some clock, unhooked phone, or electronic device in my house. I wandered around and was putting my ear near suspected culprits. My tinnitus masks the hearing in one ear, so I can't always tell what direction noises come from. (We sense that by the minuscule difference between when one ear hears a noise and when the other ear hears it. The ear that hears it first is closer to the noise.) It was louder when I was near a window. I stepped outside and it was louder outside. I went to the front of my house and back again. It seemed like it was slightly louder in back. I stood around wondering if it was perhaps an alarm coming from a business in that direction. (Meanwhile, it was not freezing cold out and a little breeze blew. Pretty mild.) I came back in the house and wondered whether to call the police to report the noise, since I really didn't know where it came from, and, if I did report it, whether to call a non-emergency line or 9-1-1. I fired up my computer to see if maybe anyone on Facebook or anyone else was talking about it, and as I was googling "high pitched noise Lynden," it stopped. So, problem solved, mystery unsolved.

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