Monday, December 9, 2013

I invite your opinion

on the topic of: Pets in the Workplace.


flask said...

it is possible for pets in the workplace to be beneficial.

it is also possible for them to be annoying, distracting, destructive, and allergenic.

and there's a general trend these days in which people don't bother to train their pets.

pets int he workplace should at minimum be quiet and under control at all times.

Janette Kok said...

I agree with that! It's not practical for me to have my dog at work with me very often, but I wish I could bring him every day, just because I am so attached to him and he to me. Being left home alone all day makes him a little crazy. He is calmer overall when he is with me and he is quiet and controlled when I bring him to work. But I have to live with the situation where mostly I leave him at home. It just makes me a little sad when I leave in the morning.

Thanks for commenting. I agree that uncontrolled pets are a nuisance -- in the workplace or anyplace else.

flask said...

i'm still thinking about this.

small dog electronics is a computer business that specializes in apple products. they used to be just local, but they're doing pretty well regionally and online, but i remember when they were operating out of an office a mile or two down the road from where i used to live.

the small dog of their logo was an aged pomeranian named imelda, and imelda and any other employee dog was welcome at the office.

they were well-behaved and it was lovely to visit with them.

when i go there and some young clerk looks at me and asks if i have shopped with them before, i look cooly over my glasses and say "i knew imelda."

to their credit, they all of 'em still know who imelda was.

Janette Kok said...

Nice. :-)