Saturday, August 28, 2010

Methodical Madness

For some strange reason, I like this article:

Structured Procrastination

Cascading fuchsias

Last May I planted these fuchsias with the autumnal-colored leaves with a calla lily in the center of the pot. I hoped that the fuchsias would grow and cascade over the edges of the pot and the calla lily would grow lush and magnificent, as some have for me in the past in this same location.
Well, below is a picture of the pot this morning. For some reason my calla lily this year did not thrive and neither did the one I had last year. I think it's because they were some different "variety" instead of just the plain "calla lily." Next year I'll go to a nursery for exactly what I want in calla lily instead of buying from in front of a grocery store. However, I am very pleased with the way the fuchsia has grown. It is a bit longer on one side than the other because that's where the morning sun hits, but still it's beautiful 
Notice the sunlight. It was such a pretty day today, sunny and mild, just perfect.


Perhaps I have posted pictures of my begonias pretty frequently over the years, and maybe it seems repetitive. But the blooms keep appearing and being so beautiful! The red petals so stunning and the bright yellow stamens in the middle standing out so brightly and distinctly against the red, even though they're so tiny.
Beauty is not repetitive, is it? You can't look at a gorgeous blossom like this and think, Oh, beautiful again--yawn. You have to think, Wow! Beautiful! Again!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ladybug update

Well, it's been two weeks since I released ladybugs into my honeysuckle, and when I examined it this weekend, I still saw some significantly infested areas. I also saw some aphids on one of my fuchsias. So I bought some insecticidal soap in a spray bottle and doused all my fuchsias and the honeysuckle. So the result of my experiment was that the ladybug approach was ineffective.