Monday, June 2, 2008

Lagging Lavender

Now, it's hard to tell in this picture, but the English lavender and the left is thin and droopy, but the one on the right is greener and stronger. I have six English lavender plants in all, and five seem to be doing very well, while this one suddenly started looking sick a couple days ago. I suspect some pest. Usually lavender are both pest and disease resistant. But slugs and snails are pretty prevalent around here.These are the French lavender, and again the one on the left is not as green and healthy as the one on the right. There are two potential reasons. One is different potting soils. Maybe the one on the left is not as good. The other is that I planted the one on the right in its pot either the day I got home or the next day, but then I was out of pots and it was another week before I bought a new one and planted the second French lavender. So maybe that extra week in the tiny nursery pot set it back a little.
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