Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Avian warfare

Early this morning, while I was out walking the dog, I saw two eagles fighting with a flock of crows in mid-air. The crows appeared to be the aggressors. The eagles were flying along, and the crows were chasing them, and bumping into them. The crows were cawing, and I heard the eagles' cry. Weird. Then on the drive home, along the Hannegan, I saw a small bird chasing a crow and flying at it. What's with the birds?

If I were an ancient Roman, say, I would consider these events omens, and try to guess what they foretold for me or my country. Eagles are the symbol of the U.S. Or they can simply symbolize "flying high." Crows are symbols of what? They're black, like ravens. And I don't know what kind the smaller bird was. I'll have to keep thinking about what these sights might portend.

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Grammy said...

The smaller bird is normal protecting his young. Here you will see the blue jay after the red tail hawk.